Our fees are changing from 1 November 2021. Please read the Spaceship Voyager Fee Change Notice for more information.

Spaceship Voyager helps make investing simple, accessible, and affordable for everyone, regardless of investment experience or how much you have to invest.

Spaceship Voyager’s three managed fund products have no minimum investment, no buy-sell spread, and no entry or exit fees. All you pay is a management fee.

Your first $5,000 invested is fee-free, you pay nothing.

For investment balances above $5,000, fees are 0.05% per year or 0.10% per year (depending on which fund you choose) with your first $5,000 remaining fee-free.

That means if your investment balance during a year is $10,000, you’ll pay $2.50 or $5.00 in fees for that year – about the price of a coffee.

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