If you don’t have much experience investing, then using the Spaceship Voyager investment app could offer a lot of benefits over managing your own portfolio through an online broker. 

For example, trading through a broker often involves paying brokerage fees. With Spaceship Voyager, we won’t charge you any brokerage.

And when you choose to invest in the Spaceship Universe Portfolio, the Spaceship Origin Portfolio, or the Spaceship Earth Portfolio we will handle portfolio construction for you and how the money you invest will be allocated – you don’t have to think about it.

The Spaceship Universe Portfolio, the Spaceship Origin Portfolio and the Spaceship Earth Portfolio each provide exposure to a diversified portfolio of shares in one investment.

Each quarter we rebalance each fund because the investment portfolio can drift away from their target weightings when companies in the portfolio perform better or worse than others. This can inadvertently increase or decrease your exposure to a company. 

With Spaceship Voyager, you don’t have to worry about that – we’ll handle investment portfolio rebalancing for you.

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