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Why do I have to provide my government issued ID?
Why do I have to provide my government issued ID?
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Anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing laws oblige financial institutions like Spaceship to collect and verify certain information about a customer's identity. This is standard practice across the finance industry.

The basic information we ask you to provide (such as your legal first and last name, home address and date of birth) is used to verify your identity and check your name against various data sources. 

However, if there is any inaccuracy in the information you provide or we cannot verify your identity against sufficient data sources, we won’t be able to verify your identity without more information. That’s why we may ask you to provide a copy of your government-issued ID.

You can provide this via the Spaceship app.

It’s as easy as pulling out your licence or passport and typing in a few details. Rest assured, Spaceship will manage all information you provide us in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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