When you sign up to Spaceship Voyager, you will be prompted to choose between one of two portfolios, the Spaceship Universe Portfolio or the Spaceship Origin Portfolio

Both portfolios are fee-free for your first $5,000 invested.

The Spaceship Universe Portfolio invests in 100 listed companies actively selected by our experienced in-house investment team. Spaceship Universe Portfolio’s fee is 0.10% per year for balances above $5,000.

The Spaceship Origin Portfolio invests in 200 of some of the largest companies by market capitalisation, which are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange or overseas stock markets, and costs 0.05% per annum for balances above $5,000.

Please note, you cannot opt out of any of the shares in a Spaceship Voyager portfolio, nor do you have the option of choosing to invest in other stocks, bonds, securities or currencies.

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