How are my investment returns calculated?
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Your investment return is based on the change in the unit price of the fund (the Spaceship Origin Portfolio, the Spaceship Universe Portfolio, or the Spaceship Earth Portfolio) when you were issued units, and the unit price of the fund when you withdraw your investment (and therefore redeem your units by exchanging them for cash).

As an example, say you invest $1,000 into a Spaceship Voyager managed fund and the unit price of units issued to you is $1.00. This would mean you would get 1,000 units for your investment.

If the unit price was to move to $1.20 in two years, your units would now be worth $1,200 โ€” an increase of 20%.

In the Spaceship app, you can see how your investment is performing. We do all the maths in the background and display your performance in a simple and easy to understand graph.

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