We generally process your investment deposit in 3-4 business days.

This is because there is a delay between the time your direct debit is processed (when your investment deposit leaves your account) and we receive it (when it arrives in our accounts). 

For example, on the first business day, we receive your investment deposit confirmation and lodge a direct debit request with your bank. 

Depending on your bank, your funds will clear into our accounts on the second or third business day.

We issue you the units at the unit price relating to the market close on the day that we're able to confirm that your funds clear into our accounts.

However, since we invest in companies listed on overseas stock markets, which usually close the following business day (Sydney time), we effectively strike the unit price from the third business day on the fourth business day after 11.00 am (Sydney time).

So, you will get the units issued on the fourth business day at a unit price that effectively is the unit price of the day your funds clear into our accounts.

Investment deposit requests made on business days after 5:00 pm (Sydney time) will add one business day to the process mentioned above

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