To consolidate your super into Spaceship, you can use one of the methods outlined below.

Via your myGov account

  • Log into your myGov account and click through to the ATO service. If you don’t have a myGov account, you can easily create an account and link to the ATO.

  • Navigate to the ‘Super’ menu, and then click on ‘Manage’ followed by ‘Transfer super.’

  • Select the fund you’d like to transfer your money from, and the fund you’d like to transfer your money to, from the funds listed.

  • If you’d like to rollover your super to Spaceship Super, you would select: “THE TRUSTEE FOR TIDSWELL MASTER SUPERANNUATION PLAN.”

  • Follow the instructions and confirm your rollover. Your funds should be rolled into your selected super account within 10 business days.

Via a form

  • Download this rollover request form from the ATO.

  • Complete the form and email a scanned copy to

  • We will get in touch with your other super funds to initiate your rollover. Please note this method is only available for those wishing to make full rollovers.

If you only wish to rollover a portion of your balance into Spaceship, this can be done via the phone:

  • Please reach out to our support team by starting a chat in the app or website. They will then ask you to confirm some details about the fund you're rolling over from and organise a suitable time to call.

Things to consider before consolidating your super

Consolidating your super may help reduce the total fees you pay and can make it easier to stay in control of your super money. However, you should consider how rolling over your existing super funds might impact you.

Importantly, by rolling over your existing super account to Spaceship Super, your existing super account will be closed and you may lose some benefits, such as life insurance (which Spaceship Super does not currently offer).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer support team!

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