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What are the fees for Spaceship Voyager?
What are the fees for Spaceship Voyager?

The fees and costs for the Spaceship Origin Portfolio, Spaceship Universe Portfolio, and Spaceship Earth Portfolio (Spaceship Voyager).

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What are the fees for Spaceship Voyager?

Monthly fee

We charge a monthly fee of $2 / month for the Spaceship Voyager portfolios.

You are only charged the monthly fee when you have at least one Spaceship Voyager portfolio with a balance of $100 or more at any time during the month.

You are only charged one monthly fee, no matter how many portfolios you have.

Management fee

We also charge a percentage-based management fee to our Spaceship Voyager portfolios, of:

Spaceship Origin Portfolio

0.15% / year

Spaceship Universe Portfolio

0.50% / year

Spaceship Earth Portfolio

0.50% / year

The management fee accrues daily and is payable monthly in arrears. It is deducted from each fund’s assets and reflected in each fund’s unit price.

Other fees

No other fees or costs apply to the Spaceship Voyager portfolios. There are no other brokerage, operational, withdrawal or other transactional fees or costs.

All fees and costs are inclusive of GST and net of any reduced input tax credits. Please see the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and Reference Guide for more information.

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