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How do I sign up for a US Investing account?
How do I sign up for a US Investing account?

Find out what info you need to sign up for a US Investing account with Spaceship, including eligibility requirements and documentation.

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Opening a US Investing account with Spaceship should take you less than five minutes!

To open a US Investing account, you must:

  • Be an individual;

  • Be 18 years or older;

  • Be an Australian tax resident;

  • Have an Australian residential address; and

  • Provide us with your TFN.

Sign up through the mobile app

To sign up, tap on the 'Investments' section of the mobile app and choose an ETF or stock you'd like to invest in.

Once you've chosen an investment, you'll be asked to provide us with some details on your personal circumstances, citizenships, employment details, financial situation, and tax residency.

We will also need to verify your identity.

Tip: To make sure your application is processed quickly, it's best to have two forms of government-issued ID (e.g. your Australian passport and driver licence) on hand!

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