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Can I cancel or change my sell order?
Can I cancel or change my sell order?
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Cancelling a sell order

You can cancel a sell order if the market is closed. If the market is open, the order can not be cancelled.

To cancel your order, click the 'I want to' button and then select 'View my transaction history'. We'll then show you a list of your pending orders.

Select the order you wish to cancel.

If it's eligible for cancellation, a 'Cancel order' button will show, and you can click this button and confirm.

You can also access your pending orders from the dashboard, by clicking on ‘Pending US Investing orders’.

Changing a sell order

Once a sell order is placed, it can't be changed.

However, if you cancel the order when the market is closed, you can then submit a new sell order with your changes.

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