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What are the limits for investment plans?
What are the limits for investment plans?
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The limits for investment plans are the same as for buy orders.

There's a minimum trade size of A$10 (including FX and any other fees).

There's a maximum trade size of A$20,000.

You also can't have more than A$30,000 in total unsettled buy orders at any one time.

If you have total unsettled buy orders equalling A$30,000 or more, your investment plan won't be able to trigger a new buy order on its regular schedule. The scheduled investment won't be processed for that cycle.

Example: Let's say you have a A$10,000 investment in Apple waiting on cleared funds and a A$20,000 investment in Tesla in the market, equalling A$30,000 in total unsettled buy orders. Until your total unsettled buy orders are A$30,000 or less, your investment plan won't trigger its scheduled buy order.

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