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How do I transfer US securities out of Spaceship?
How do I transfer US securities out of Spaceship?
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If you'd like to transfer your securities out of Spaceship, simply contact your receiving brokerage service and submit a share transfer request. You'll need to ensure your receiving brokerage service supports share transfers via ACATs.

Transferring securities

Only whole shares in an ETF or stock are transferable. Fractional shares can't be transferred.

Example: Let's say you have 3.65 shares in Apple. Spaceship can only transfer the 3 whole shares to your receiving brokerage service. The remaining .65 units will need to be sold.

Transferring out

We'll receive a transfer request from your receiving broker.

When we receive this request, we'll notify you within three US business days that we've received your request.

We'll then charge you our 'transfer out' fee. You can learn more about the 'transfer out' fee here.

Once you've paid the 'transfer out' fee, we'll verify and approve your transfer and notify your receiving broker. It can take five business days for your transfer to be finalised.

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